World of Tanks

A computer game involving tanks and war


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  • Category Role Playing
  • Program license Free
  • Version 9.8
  • Size 6.31 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP
  • Program available in English
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Climb into a historical war machine with your friends and then BLOW THEM UP

World of Tanks is an entry in the now popular free to play genre that has emerged in recent times. Players will assume the role of a tank driver in this battle simulator and pit their driving skills against other players in team based matches where the victor is usually determined by either destroying all the tanks of an opposing team or else capturing the opposing team's base. The tanks are not modern models, all range from early to mid 20th century vehicles, and each is built to run more or less like the model they were based from. Anyone can play and gain access to more tanks, leveled up pilots etc, however for those that are willing to pay additional content is available faster.

Game Play

World of Tanks has been praised for its attention to detail, authentic vehicles and historical accuracy. At its core, World of Tanks is a tank simulator and a team based battle simulator. Each tank has authentic stats, although players can access upgrades and level their 'pilot' up by gaining experience and acquire new skills to aid them in combat. The combination is an addictive mix of collecting and playing which is keeping players coming back for more. There are different classes of tanks, light, medium, heavy as well as tank killer and self propelled gun. The different classes have different strengths and weaknesses and usually are chosen to compliment the team composition. Realistic physics and models means that if a heavy tank's weaker rear armor is struck, then the tank will realistically explode. Its intensely satisfying to see a well aimed shot fly true.


World of Tanks is a great looking game with a strong sense of historical accuracy. Each of the tanks drives differently and, apparently, accurately according to the model they're designed after. The battlegrounds are randomly created so they're unique every time you play, although you will get a lot of rolls green hills with some forest to navigate through. Still, the landscapes aren't the real attraction to the game and you'll be coming back for more combat after you've had a taste.


  • Great physics, graphics and game play
  • Historical accuracy will have you researching the history of your new tank just to know its story
  • Free to play!


  • If you're planning to play for free, then expect to be behind the guys willing to pay
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